What does Foundry bring to the table? - at a glance

  • Truly flexible education

    Foundry campus learning spaces are open plan and flexible. We create a space that works for you, with individual working spaces, sitting and standing desks, group desks, drawing desks, couches and bean bags. Comfortable, creative and welcoming, Foundry campuses are alive with energy and enthusiasm. This is where you come to be inspired, motivated and engage with like-minded creatives.


  • Immerse yourself in creativity

    At Foundry, you are constantly surrounded by the best upcoming and current creative talent in the state. These people are your fellow students and peers across many creative disciplines. But Foundry isn't just about education. We connect with local industry and the people who inhabit our cities and our state. We're outward focused and look to the future. Collaboration, innovation, dreaming big and achieving the impossible.


  • Culture of no compromise

    Foundry is bringing the very best to Tasmania without compromise and that's how we want our students to live. Foundry students never settle for less than the best and believe Tasmania can be a creative epicentre in its own right. This is the driving mindset behind our students and teachers. If you share our vision as well, we want you!


  • Develop beyond your discipline 

    Foundry has access to industry rockstars from across the globe. And through our friends, family and communities, we share and celebrate Tasmania's internationally recognised success stories, as well as our best-kept secrets. Whether studying Design, Business or CG, we bring the best and most influential designers, entrepreneurs and creatives to Foundry and we invite you to come on board to develop your skill-set beyond just your single area of study. 


  • Unprecedented industry access 

    Rub shoulders with some of the biggest players on the national and international playing field. Multi-million dollar business people, nationally recognised designers and the industry heavyweights of animation. Have breakfast with local industry movers and shakers. Dream, grow, build and be prepared. Once in a lifetime opportunities happen far more often with Foundry.


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Whether you want more information about the schools and courses, are ready to enrol or would simply like to know more about what Foundry means for your creative future, our team is always ready to take student enquiries and help you make the next step down your chosen path. Simply put your details in the form and we will get in contact with you.

Email: hello@myfoundry.com.au | Phone: (03) 6380 9229 | 22 Cameron Street, Launceston TAS

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